Short Rib Noodles

Fideo or Noodle soup is a classic of Mexican cuisine, very common in grandmothers' kitchens. In this dish, we follow this process, with a slight different touch when making a wider noodle paste (tallarines) and we add an element that fills the soup with flavor. 


The Short Ribs, are a portioned cut of the seven ribs (from the 6th to the 12th), contain collagen, so it must take a slow cooking to break the fibers. In this case, the cooking will be in a humid medium, like barbacoa or birria style, to obtain the necessary broth for the soup. 


Elements that will add flavor are the same liquid medium, banana leaves and the seasoning that includes smoked salt. The noodles are egg-based pasta. 



  • Flour, 300 grams.
  • Egg, 3 pieces.
  • ⅓ tablespoon of salt.

Short Ribs

  • Short Ribs piece, approximately 3Kg. 
  • Bacon, 4 slices.
  • Beef fund, 2 Liters, Approximately.
  • Ground garlic, 5 tbsp.
  • Smoked salt, 3 tbsp.
  • Freshly ground black pepper, 3 tablespoons.
  • Ground chile morita, 1 tablespoon
  • Banana leaves, the necessary ones to wrap the piece of meat. 
  • Red onion, 4 pieces


Short Ribs

  • Remove the membrane, clean and dry the Short Rib piece. Also remove excess fat. 
  • With the chile, garlic, smoked salt and pepper make a Rub. 
  • Rub the whole piece with the Rub, and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Seal the piece over direct heat on the grill on both sides, looking for a caramelized one. Once caramelized, rest 20 minutes in aluminum foil. 
  • Heat, just slightly through the fire, the banana leaves so they do not break. 
  • Wrap the piece of meat with the banana leaves, if necessary two or three leaves so that nothing is left uncovered.
  • Cut the onion into cubes. 
  • In a cast iron pot, with a little pork lard, add the onion until crisp. 
  • Once seasoned, the onion is left at the bottom of the pot to make a bed that protects the meat, removing the excess of lard from the cast iron pot. 
  • The bacon is cooked without browning it on the grill.
  • Add the beef stock, the bacon on top of the onion layer and let it heat up a little. 
  • Once the bottom is heated, the piece of meat is introduced, already wrapped in the banana leaves. 
  • The pot should be closed as tightly as possible, with a lid and aluminum foil. Over medium heat for 4 hours, check every hour to check the doneness of the meat and that the liquid element does not evaporate, if necessary add a little water.


  • On a counter, we make a crown with the sifted flour and salt.
  • Add the egg and begin to knead
  • Once the dough is ready, cover and leave it to rest for half an hour. 
  • Once the rest is fulfilled, we stretch the dough until we achieve a sheet of approximately 2mm thick. Add water if necessary. 
  • Cut into noodles (5-6 mm) and rest on string for half an hour. 

Final preparation

  • We take out the meat from the cast iron pot, the bone must come out by itself. Cut into slices parallel to the width of the rib. 
  • In a medium saucepan, add the broth of the Short rib preparation. If it is very thick, add a little water. If needed, defat the broth. 
  • Once it is already hot, we cook the noodles until it is al dente, to obtain the soup.


Plate up and serve

  • In a small soup bowl, add the noodles.
  • Add the desired amount of meat to the dish. 
  • Serve enough broth for the soup.
  • Decorate it with sprouts.

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